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Giving back to charities that positively impact local communities is very important to us at Purely Essential and is at the heart of why we do what we do. We are dedicated in supporting these 2 amazing non-profit organisations that do meaningful and vital work here in Australia and overseas. A portion of each product sold (exact figure found on the product’s page) is equally divided between these to wonderful charities. You can read their information below to find out about who we support, what incredible work they do and if equally inspired as we are, how you too can directly help them.

Destiny Rescue Logo

Mission: Destiny Rescue’s mission is to rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free.

Vision: Destiny Rescue’s vision is to play a leading role in ending the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in our lifetime.

When we have abundance, we will rescue. When we lack resources, we will rescue. When we are tired, we will rescue. When everyone else has given up, we will rescue. We have no plan B. We will always work to rescue and help kids stay free.

Our Local Story

Founded in 2001, Destiny Rescue Limited is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). We are dedicated to raising awareness, funds, expertise and support to make possible the international work of Destiny Rescue. Our head office is in Sunshine Coast, Queensland with representation in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Together, our nationwide family of speakers, staff, volunteers, church and business partners, and supporters fight tirelessly to bring the world one step closer to our vision.

Our International Story

Our staff across the world are the heartbeat of Destiny Rescue. Our frontline staff such as rescue agents, border agents and social workers are on the ground in seven countries. They are involved in rescue, reintegration and prevention initiatives, helping free more than 10,000 people since 2011. In Australia, New Zealand and the United States, we also have staff raising awareness and funds to fuel the frontline staff. Tying both groups together is a shared passion for Jesus, which has blessed the work of our organisation since we started in 2001.

Destiny Rescue is a family of organizations working together towards the same mission and vision. Offices across three funding nations raise crucial awareness and funds to make the work of Destiny Rescue International possible.


Destiny Rescue USA

Destiny Rescue Australia

Destiny Rescue New Zealand



Bobby Mearns, founding director and chairman, was a heroin addict for over 20 years who got set free from addiction in a Hong Kond based rehabilitation program that was run by Jackie Pullinger MBE, a British Protestant charismatic missionary to Hong Kong in her early years, and founder of St Stephen’s Society. Bobby was set free from addiction and has since been “clean” for over 25 years. Bobby met Australian Branwen who was living in Hong Kong and smuggling Bibles to China. They moved to Australia, married and started serving the poor almost immediately.

After providing food, blankets and clothes to homeless people in Brisbane for many years, Fishers of Men recognised the need to provide further care and assistance for people with addictions. “Lorimer” was opened in 2006 as a means of providing residential support for those who really wanted help to change. The “Freedom From Addiction” program offered, provides residents with emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual support in an effort to help facilitate recovery.

Since its inception, 2 additional “Second Stage” houses have been opened to further assist men transitioning to a healthy, independent life after completing the first stage of rehabilitation. As donations of furniture and other household items were then received, Fishers of Men began to support those who had been homeless and have newly obtained accommodation in providing them with those household items required to turn houses into homes where possible.

Fishers of Men’s foundation is Christ and they look to Him, the One who enables recovery and freedom from addiction and the One who cares for the needs of all, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion or gender. They seek to reach out to others and share the love that He has given us all, in practical ways as resources allow. Through the display of Christ’s love in action, many lives have been transformed and are being changed with hope for the future.

Fishers of Men currently have over 100 volunteers from a variety of Brisbane based churches. Volunteers that range from doctors to solicitors to pensioners and ex-addicts, all who contribute their time freely for the benefit of others and supporting them through difficult times with a range of charitable programs.

Fishers of Men Services and Programs

Meals & Food Parcels Outreach – On Sunday and Wednesday nights, Fishers of Men have teams who cook and take meals in 3 street vans to those in need to approximately 40 locations locations in Brisbane City and in the Logan area. Approximately 350 meals are sent out on Wednesdays, and 420 meals on Sundays including approximately 70 meals for children. When resources allow, food parcels with meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, blankets and clothes are given free of charge to people and families in need within the local community.

Monthly Meetings – On the first Sunday of each month at the Underwood Park Community Hall, Fishers of Men sends out a bus to the homeless shelters to transport the homeless and anyone needy to partake in a fellowship meal and share Jesus with all who come. There are are also blankets, clothes and food parcels to take away as resources allow.

Discipleship Houses – Stage 1 & 2 – Fishers of Men run the “Freedom From Addiction” program that is offered to men who want to exit the crisis cycle caused by addiction with the provision of 3 community based Therapeutic Houses. As men progress through their recovery, they are supported as they transition to independence in a safe environment.

Furniture Ministry – As part of a response to homelessness and those in crisis situations, Fishers of Men receive donations of furniture and household items from the public. These donations assist people escaping domestic violence, those exiting crisis accommodation and those who have been in cycles of homelessness or addiction and have obtained accommodation.

Garage Sales – Fishers of Men hold a huge bi-yearly garage sale with donated items, where the public can grab a bargain as well as raise essential funds for ongoing programs and services provided. Contact Fishers of Men directly for further information of dates and location, or how to donate.

Fund Raising Car Washes – The public can get a bargain carwash or detailing service every Saturday between 9am-4pm at New Heart Baptist Church located at 199 Rochedale Road in Rochedale. All monies raised support Car Washing prices are $20-$30 for Cars, SUVs and 4WDs. Car Detailing is also available with prices being $55-$65. All monies raised go to the operation costs of Fishers of Men’s programs and services.

Get Involved

Financial Donations – Fishers of Men is a registered charity and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations of food help provide for the weekly meals; donations of furniture, household items and clothes provide much need help for the homeless, and individuals/families in need; and volunteers are essential to bring all the programs and services to all those in need.

Monetary contributions including from the Car Wash and Garage Sales help keep this vital community charity organisation running, including keeping the meal and outreach buses on the road. Fishers of Men are independently audited annually, pursuant to the Corporation Act 2001 and financial statements are available by contacting via email. Individuals and businesses can donate to Fishers of Men via Direct Deposit, PayPal or Credit Card and receipts are provided for taxation purposes. For financial donations, go to www.fishersofmen.org.au/get-involved/donations.

Want to know more, volunteer to help, organise a fundraiser or donate food and needed items? You can contact Fishers of Men directly: